August 16th, 2019

Мигалка 2

About the Current Moment* (О текущем моменте)



The pause has dragged along. The people are silent, and the authorities, demonstrating their weakness and bewilderment, nervously babble the next excuses and promises, trying to defer the inevitable ending when they have to answer on all counts.
The present powers that be, being incompetent in all matters of governance and state-building, in their rhetoric do not focus on the fact that they did not fulfill their direct duties, but rather on certain circumstances and factors that supposedly prevent them from realizing the latter. As the saying goes, a bad workman quarrels with his tools.
The people are silent, and this is the silence of the beast, preparing for a murderous leap. All the efforts of the authorities aimed at distracting them and weakening the force of a possible blow fail. The leap is inevitable, and everyone understands this.
Everything that happens does not fit into the ideas that the previous historical experience gives, and this prohibits us to predict the path for further developments. Such a circumstance is clearly not in favor of the power, because it deprives the latter of the opportunity not only to control the situation or to manage it but even to recognize and correctly react to a possible threat.
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