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It is impossible to defeat the disease, if not to eliminate the cause that gave birth to it. This statement is true both for a single individual and for the society as a whole.
The present emergence of the Triune Entity on the Earth is associated with the disease of the human society and the possible threat of death to it. This is the case when the patient himself is ready be bereft of life, and no one can prevent him from doing so. The reason for this were changes in the system of basic knowledge and human ideas, formed not on the basis of experience of the society, but created artificially, in order to subordinate the majority to needs and whims of the ruling minority. Hence the first preventive measure of the Triune Entity to eliminate the cause of the disease, associated with the launching of the process of changing the consciousness of people living on the Earth.
Hence, the next stage involves "awakening" and restoration of a healthy society with the hands of "recovering" with the active support of their efforts on the part of the Creator.
Being by birth a part of the Triune Entity, called the Spirit in the flesh, I participate in the Creator's Providence. I am called upon to correct the process, adapting it as much as possible to the capabilities and the resources of the "man of the present." The information that will be in demand for the "awakened" in the process of changing their consciousness at the level of basic knowledge and ideas about the world around, I placed in a number of articles of this journal using the technologies of the Creator's world.
Each new reading of the article will become the next stage of the "immersion" with the acquisition of new knowledge by embedding the associative bonds that open access to them. I know that some readers have already experienced such features of re-reading my articles. Everything has its time.
Now let's switch to the analysis of the events taking place in Ukraine and other countries of the world. Everywhere, the powers that be are demonstrating their incapacity to solve vital issues that their predecessors easily coped with. So, the restrictions that the Creator established for them are working. In parallel, they themselves discredit power as a phenomenon of social life, helping the people of their countries understand that power is inherently immoral and a refuge for rascals, thieves and bandits. It is a parasite on the body of the nation, devouring its strength, health and resources.
The authorities like to position themselves as the "top floor" of the public administration system, to which it has no relevance. It a priori cannot be effective, because it is mediocre and incompetent.
A vivid example of the above is the current government in Ukraine. It is the "fifth column" of the Kremlin, inflicting on the country damage, comparable to the full-scale invasion of the enemy. There is no any hybrid war. It was invented by the powers that be to conceal its incapacity and incompetence in the matters of state administration.
It is worthwhile to dwell specifically on the so-called peace negotiations in Minsk. In fact, we have at the borders with Ukraine a well-armed and trained army of Russia, which can reach the coast of the English Channel in a few days. Scilicet it is Putin’s main "argument" at the talks in Minsk. The powers that be in Ukraine and in Europe feared its intrusion. At the talks France and Germany act as Russia’s accomplices. Their task is to ensure the "peaceful surrender" of Ukraine and its return to Russia's protectorate.
The only thing is that for Putin talks in Minsk are necessary in order to gain time, which he needs to understand the reason for the problems that the Russian military had encountered in the Donbass.
Contrary to the assertions of the powers that be, Ukraine does not have enough resources and strength to resist the Russian military machine, and they themselves for the third year sit on suitcases, ready to leave the country at the slightest threat of its full-scale offensive.
Neither the United States, nor Europe, nor Ukraine have any idea about why Putin does not do what he should, and therefore humbly wait for him to resume implementation of his imperial plans. The pause has obviously prolonged, and it is obvious that it is not in favor of the contracting parties.
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