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Control of Consciousness at the Level of Motivation

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в Control of Consciousness at the Level of Motivation

Управление сознанием на уровне мотивации




For a long time, a group of people who realize power on the Earth, through the education and upbringing system, had been forming at the subconscious level of the trainees  the lasting stereotypes of rejection  from  any possible contact with the Force that stood  at the origins of the human race. The contact should be understood as the process of transferring knowledge about the surrounding world and the true mission of man.
The human community was formed by the powers that be by the type of a religious sect, where only information received from them is considered true and reliable. The level of access to information has become a determining factor in building a vertical of power, at the top of which there are only those who have the highest and the most complete access to the human civilization’s knowledge.
People, who usurped power over the human community, understood that the absence of the Force’s Messenger on the Earth was a temporary phenomenon, and therefore they were preparing for His possible appearance. First of all, they tried to exclude the possibility of contact of the Messenger with people whom they do not control. To this end, they circulated in their midst "the only correct" signs for establishing the truth of His coming formulated by themselves at the level of religious representations, the confirmation of which would be the appearance of such an event as walking through the heavens, though from the mouth of Christ it sounded: "I will come and act as a man."
The "managers" were mistaken, believing that to save mankind from their power, the Messenger would need direct contact with people at the level of communication, for only then they can presumably become an obedient instrument in His hands, with the help of which the conceived will be epitomized.
If you imagine people as sheep who make up a herd, then the Messenger can be seen as` their Shepherd, but not a leader or "chief". This interpretation presupposes that the Messenger has methods of influence and means of control beyond the limits of human perception and understanding, and the entire system of "counteraction", built by the "managers" at the level of people's perceptions, loses its relevance and meaning. They themselves are part of the human "herd", and therefore fall under the jurisdiction of the Shepherd.
The Messenger a priori does not need the authority, which the "power group" had usurped. It is based on violence and contradicts the principles of building socium. The Messenger can control people at the level of their actions’ motivation. How is such a control fulfilled?
If one denotes schematically the human’s process of choosing, then his/her memory can be presented in the form of a table with objects on it, from which one should choose (the number is not critical, but the morethe better). Before choosing, a person conducts a comparative evaluation of objects and chooses the best option. The choice was made, and it makes no sense for a person to repeat it, which means that he/she will place the chosen object on the near edge of the table, and the remaining objects involved in the selection will be moved to the far corner. So, now the location of the chosen object becomes its sign. It's like looking for a toothbrush in the bathroom, but not across the apartment. When a person takes the chosen object, then he/she will have no doubts that this is the result of his/her choice.
The experience of human existence proves that nothing can change the choice at the level of its realization within the framework of consciousness, as there are no people able to read other people's thoughts. The zone of choice is the zone of safety, comfort and emotional balance of a person. Access to this zone is possible only from the Creator's world.
Scilicet in this way the Messenger is able to enter into the memory of any person living on the Earth, while remaining unidentified by his/her consciousness. To change the result of the choosing, it suffice to place the other object among those that participated in the choosing to the place of the chosen object. At the same time, a person will be sincerely convinced that the object is the result of his/her conscious choice. This is how the control of human actions at the level of motivation is realized.
The process of changing consciousness is of a deeper nature and affects not so much what the person chooses, but the motivation of the choice itself. It is formed on the basis of his/her ideas and value system, which are determined by associative connections in memory, obtained in the process of formation and training of a person. In fact, it is about a human’s personality as a whole.
It is believed that the change in associative connections causes human degradation and the "anomie" of his/her personality. It's as if it were a programmable computer memory that can be written only once and keeps the information unchanged until its physical destruction. It was this circumstance that gave confidence to the "managers" that their power was unshakable, since it has as its basis a rationale at the level of associative connections of consciousness of the "slaves" formed and trained by them. The result of any socio-political construction in a "democratic" society will be only such model that is acceptable and meets the interests of "managers". Since the beginning of the process of changing consciousness, people have got the possibility of real choice.
In this vein, during the confrontation of the Ukrainian people with the criminal power, in the depths of the Maidan a new community of people was formed, in the basis of which we saw the principles of building a healthy society: self-organization, self-government and self-defense. The social didnt suppress the individual, for it was formed as the quintessence of its diversity. The man himself sought the optimal application for his skills and abilities in solving problems facing the community. Cooperation and mutual assistance in the process of achieving common goals have created a new system of relationships between people. They showed themselves in an extreme situation, but now they are becoming inherent to the overwhelming majority of the Ukrainian people. The Maidan is just the beginning.
Scilicet  self-organization, as a result of a changed consciousness, frightened the powers that be of the whole world, having become a harbinger of the coming changes of the world scale. That is why the new government of Ukraine, despite all its insolvency and incompetence, has received powerful, hitherto unseen support from the West.
Scilicet it reanimated the "democratic" model of the realization of power according to the Western model. Frankly speaking, the legitimacy of this power is still in doubt, since it was obtained by fraud. The solidity of any power is realized at the level of its "acceptability" for the majority of the population of the country. But with this the authorities in Ukraine will always have problems, as people's minds change, and they will see the optimal arrangement of social relations in society in the revival of the principles of building a healthy society based on cooperation and mutual respect in the process of achieving common goals. The Messenger intends to ensure non-interference from outside in the process of Ukrainian people’s choosing.
As for the presence of the "fifth column" of Russia, as well as the subversive activities of the Russian GRU agents and spooks, the latter are subject to preventive measures intended to suppress their consciousness at the level of motivation that contribute to the destruction of social ties and the formation of inadequate responses to the curators attempts to control their activities. Visually, this is observed in the form of selective influence only on the participants of the separatist groups and those who support them.
The impact is not associated with the geographic location of those on whom it is directed. Employees of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service and the Army participating in the antiterrorist operation are not experiencing any problems, since they are not affected by the said influence and are able to successfully solve the tasks assigned to them.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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