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To the Readers of My Journal (Читателям моего журнала)

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In my childhood, I believed that my perception of the world fully corresponds to my peers’ perception of it, so I did not particularly bother myself with an analysis of their actions. In the course of time, when I was in secondary school, I realized that together with my peers I was a participant in the process of upbringing and forming of a Soviet man.
The individuality of perception and the freedom of thought were suppressed, and doubts about the correctness of what was happening were barred at the very embryo. Of us, there were "molded" the future builders of communism, ready at the call of the party to give, if necessary, their lives for the ideals of a "bright future."
I obviously did not fit into the image by which resemblance my teachers and mentors tried to shape me, so they simply gave up, believing that grave or competent authorities will fix the humpbacked." The main lesson I learned for a long time: be like everyone else, in order to be able to survive. 
During my studies at the university, I came to understand what differentiated me from the other students. It turns out that since my childhood, not only teachers and mentors took care about me, but also the One who opened to my consciousness an access to the source of true knowledge. Scilicet this knowledge formed my ideas about the world around me and convincingly rejected as inconclusive the knowledge offered by the System.
The other students had nothing to choose from. In fact, each of them had been formed as a copy of one and the same book, but with an individual cover. It is for this reason that I see no point in engaging in polemical arguments with people, since they uphold the beliefs formed in them by the System, but at the same time perceive them as their own.
This state of affairs condemned me to loneliness. What is the use of knowledge that you cannot use, let alone pass on to the others?
The only thing was that my perception of the situation was wrong. The One who gave me the true knowledge and ideas about the world around me, also took care that my consciousness could initiate and control the forces and the means of His world that pervades all the worlds in the Universe in order to be able to correct the flaws in the world of people. With such opportunities there came the responsibility for their application.
It is foolish to try to change the world, eliminating the consequences and not affecting the causes that generate them. Herefrom originates the Creator’s program of changing people's consciousness. The meaning is simple: by the means of His world, it is possible to enter into the memory of any person "from inside". At the same time, the Creator is replacing the associative links stored in the memory that are defining the system of knowledge and beliefs of a person, his/her ideas about objective reality to those that will enable him/her to adequately perceive the surrounding world and answer its challenges. At that the freedom of choice for a person is preserved.
As a result, people not only begin to look at the world in a different way, but also change their attitude towards one’s like that was clearly manifested during the events in Kiev on the Maidan. There was created a new community based on mutual trust and cooperation, which can be considered a forerunner of the restoration of the people’s society on the Earth. People demonstrated an amazing capacity for self-organization in the matters of self-government.
Contrary to the efforts of the System, which managers, in an attempt to change everything back, cunningly seized power from the protesters, the organizers and the leaders of the Maidan made a statement that the current government was unable to respond adequately to threats from outside and was not ready to implement reforms inside the country, as the events in the Crimea had proved.
There is a threat of restoration of the corrupt government of the previous model, and with it both Russia’s possible annexation of the entire South-East of Ukraine. For this reason, the requirements for convening the National Assembly and resetting the entire system of power based on self-government, self-organization and self-defense were voiced (the full text in Ukrainian is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47CjUduMyxA#t=535).
It should not be forgotten that the process of changing consciousness has affected not only the population of Ukraine, but also of Russia, as well as other countries of the world. It is global in nature. Frankly speaking, this doesn’t mean that the events taking place in Ukraine will be repeated in the same scenario in other countries. Apparently, it is expected that in Russia there will be implemented a version of the control of people by the type of the "Arab Spring" events, when each person will be targeted to perform specific actions and tasks to overthrow the regime.
So, Putin will have to fight with his people, most of whom still support him. The Russian army will not resist, and will go over to the side of the insurgents, while the uniformed services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and  the FSB [Federal Security Service] will be suppressed by the Creator himself.
In order not to tempt the surrounding countries with the desire to annex a part of Russia, for the time of events necessary to overthrow the regime, intervention from outside will become impossible.
Many of those who regularly read articles in my journal, probably could notice an interesting feature that is observed when they are read. A person's consciousness collides with the so-called "multilevel embedding of information", when each subsequent reading of the text expands the boundaries of understanding the material outlined in the article.
As far as the amateurs of "trolling" and those, who try to insult or be rude in social networks are being concerned, that's a separate topic. Since my journal is closed for comments, I do not have such a problem, but I visit other journals, and therefore I have to react to such facts.
For me incognito of a person hiding under the "nickname" doesn’t exist a priori. It is not difficult for me in a couple of minutes to find and punish the guilty, even if he/she is thousands of miles away.
So do not try fate. This also applies to the representatives of the special services, a lot of whom are now present on the Web. Orders of the superiors should be executed, but one’s own shirt is closer to the body.
And, finally, about the question of healing. Competent people know that in recent years I helped many patients to get rid of deadly diagnoses, including oncology. Whether I help a person or not, depends on him/her.
People ask for healing and wait humbly. I can pass by the dying person and do nothing to help him/her just because he/she didn’t ask me about it. I do not violate a person's right to choose.
At one time it was said: "I will come unexpectedly, and everyone should be ready." So the willingness to communicate with the Creator is the problem of the very person.
Only the direct appeal of the person, who needs help, is considered, and not the request of the "sympathizers" who want to help their neighbor, whose problems they learned from the media or the Internet. Do not send me links to pages of those needing help and appeal to compassion. It is impossible to help a person without his/her knowledge and conscious choice.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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