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"Unscientific" Take On a Question of Healing

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в "Unscientific" Take On a Question of Healing

"Ненаучный" взгляд на вопрос исцеления




The human body is a mechanism of immense complexity in action. Conditionally it can be divided into two parts: the controlling and the executive ones.
The controlling part is an analogue of a powerful operating system that in real time initiates, synchronizes and controls the passage of the mass of all possible kinds of life support processes and the functioning of the human organism as a whole. The executive part is a means of realizing the motivations of the controlling part.
Generally, the operating system has multi-level access to its resources, and of them the most complete one belongs to the administrator. The very person has only a user access level that allows the organism to function without failures in the offline mode, and all life support programs work imperceptibly for him/her at the deep-laid level of the subconscious. In case of the body’s damage, the immune system provides an adequate response of the organism to the effects of the external world, adapting its functioning to the changing environmental conditions.
A number of autonomous programs provide a routine process of supporting life activity, while others are always ready to cope with a concrete worst-case situation.
Man is able to cope with the disease due to the innate ability of his organism to heal, and medicine can only help him in this. Alas, only the user's level is accessible to medicine, which greatly reduces its capabilities.
Nevertheless, providing the necessary conditions for the organism in the process of its struggle for survival, medicine has allowed to significantly reduce the mortality rate, and this alone justifies its existence.
Unfortunately, medicine, as well as a science at large, has become a hierarchical system of the "authorities’" dominance, and there is no the issue of finding the truth on its agenda.
So, is it possible to get an access of administrator to the human operating system without the threat of its destruction? The means of our world do not provide for such a possibility, but from the Creator's world such an access is quite feasible. Though, the access alone is not enough. Each person has an individual energy resource, which is replenished by his/her organism in the process of life. Often, a shortage of resources causes the organism's inability to recover.
The Creator possesses a universal resource, which is recognized by any living organism as an individual, inherent only to it. By giving the patient a similar resource, we dramatically increase his/her chances for recovery. The only thing is that the request for help should be timely. Often the patient's organism is destroyed so much that it’s not possible to return it to a full-fledged life.
Access to the human operating system makes it possible to initiate the launch of programs that function only at the stage of its formation and could be launched once in the womb of the mother. Such programs exist for each organ and for the organism as a whole. Among other things, there are "service" programs for regular partial recovery and renewal, which provide healing of wounds, etc.
A common tumor is the result of a program malfunction or a fluctuation in the organism. The answer to the question as to whether it will be identified as malignant or benign depends on the reaction of the operating system. An important factor is the presence of a pain reaction in the altered tissues of the tumor. If it is felt, then the mechanism of rejection is triggered. In this case, the organism blocks the tumor as a foreign body that threatens its existence.­
The first step in the process of healing will be the elimination of the reaction of rejection, and with it the inflammatory process in the zone of the neoplasm will also go away. The blockage is removed, and the tumor is included in the overall transport system of the body, which makes it possible to use it as a "storehouse of useful substances," and the organism gradually destroys it. In order to avoid a possible recurrence, the Creator makes changes in the program code of cells prone to mutations of this kind.
There is another mechanism that allows the human operating system to gain a clear idea of the state to which the affected organ should be returned in the process of healing. This is the so-called "renewed matrix of the organism." It carries information about what the human organism should be at the given moment, if it had developed under ideal conditions. Such a matrix can only be obtained from the Creator's world.
For example, woman over the age of 70 suffers from a hip joint lesion and an inflammatory process. Indications for treatment by the results of the examination: replacement of the joint by conducting an operative intervention. Previously, she underwent a similar operation, but on the other joint. In this case, the healing began with the elimination of the inflammatory process in the joint itself and the tissues surrounding it.
Further, the Creator introduced the exoskeleton system, formed by the means of His world, into the affected joint. It allowed minimizing the load on the joint and correctly forming the spatial arrangement of bones in the joint.
The next stage was the start of the processes of regeneration and restoration of tissues in the joint, as well as around it. As a result, there was ensured a complete restoration of the joint and its functionality. This kind of healing had been happening to real people, and is happening now. For them, the result is important, and not someone's "competent opinion" on the fact of what happened.
The ability to influence processes inside a person, through access to his/her operating system, is also an ideal weapon. Once, gentlemen the "spooks", being in a dejected state because of the terrorists’ hostage-taking (“Nord-Ost”, Moscow/ Dubrovka), addressed me through an intermediary asking whether it was possible to neutralize the "shotfirers" with shahid's belts if they were placed among hostages. Naturally, the hostages should not have suffered. Frankly speaking, the task is impossible to accomplish with the means available to the "spooks". But with the means of the Creator's world this can be done. If a person’s heart is stopped, then no muscle reactions will occur. In our case, this means that a spontaneous explosion is impossible.
So it happened. In the time interval between 02:00 and 03:00 a.m. the hearts of all the terrorists who had the shahids’ belts were stopped. In the morning, at the time of beginning of the storming, their bodies had already been for several hours in a state of rigor mortis, which was confirmed by the absence of blood flow after the "control" shots sent to their heads by the Special Forces soldiers.
The insoluble problem was solved. True, gentlemen the "spooks" still prefer to remain modestly silent about this.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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