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The "Inertness" of the Masses («Инертность» масс)

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в The "Inertness" of the Masses («Инертность» масс)



The System is a virtual game that was imposed upon the controlled majority by the controlling minority. The rules of this game are such that the majority will always be the loser, for it is ordered to live according to the law unlike the controlling minority, to which its action is not applied. At the same time, the ruling minority tries to convince the majority that its participation and choice in the game are the only possible form of existence within the framework of the Being.
In fact, the choice is possible outside the System, and it consists in refusing to participate in the very game. The existence of such a choice is a "sealed book", especially preserved by the ruling minority.
Recent events indicate that the controlled majority gained the "inertness" and ceased to follow the "game concept" of the System, having thus abolished the real power of the controlling minority over it. Every day of the majority’s stay in a condition of "non-participation" forms the understanding and the experience of existence outside the framework of the System. It is not worth to associate the System with the form of the human civilization’s development, since its main purpose is to organize a closed "historical cycle", when each successive generation repeats the path of the previous one, rejecting its experience. Instead of progress and development of the civilization, we have a "squirrel’s movement in the wheel," and huge potential and resources are wasted.
The media are full of analytical reviews and recommendations to the controlled majority calling for "active action" within the System, associating "non-participation" with a certain lack of will. The authors of these "opuses" resort to thundering insults, trying to provoke the majority into "revolutionary changes.".And, naturally, under the leadership of "appointees" from among the controlling minority’s milieu. In response – silence, which cannot but frighten the powers that be, because it indicates the approach of the storm. Attempts to "defuse the situation" fail.
It is naive to believe that the majority’s “inertness” and "non-participation" in the "game process" are the result of a "miraculous insight." The powers that be have achieved 100% efficiency in building the consciousness of the controlled majority, which can be proved by the centuries of its slave labor for the benefit of the powers that be.
The "inertness" of the masses and the lack of proper reaction to provocations on the part of the authorities irritate the controlling minority, but are not recognized as a threat to its existence. There are reasons for this, because the full range of possible threats has been calculated and pertinent measures have been taken to prevent them.
First of all, people are divided and there is no mutual understanding between them. Everyone sees the environment as a threat, and therefore always considers any approach to him- or herself scilicet from this position. There are imposed in the community the principles of competition, while cooperation is positioned as a manifestation of weakness and an element of mimicry.
If you want peace, prepare for war. The war seems to be the ideal solution to many problems, including the problem of "overpopulation" of the Earth.
The controlling minority strives to establish total control over the controlled majority. Education, science, social programming, control over information and media have become tools in the process of forming "homo obedientes".
Those, who believe that they are able to fight and defeat the System, are naive. When this opus takes its place on the page of my journal, its first reader will be a person from the special services, curating control over information and channels of its spreading.
It was said that it was impossible to resist the System by the methods and means it offered.
Man is a social being and is formed up to the "state of readiness" in the process of educating and upbringing, which places into his mind a worldview system and rules for relations with the environment. The human’s cognition is of associative character, which means the use of previously acquired knowledge, concepts and images. Man seeks an analogy to the observed event or phenomenon in the annals of his/her personal as well as the social experience, possessing (in his/her opinion) the quality of reliability.
In a normal society, the experience of the society never contradicts with the personal experience of the individual, for it is formed as the quintessence of the cumulative set of experiences of the members, constituting it. In our case, the experience of the society doesn’t become the property of everyone, and is accessible only to a narrow circle of people, who usurped the right to dispose of it at their discretion. In return, each is given a certain part of the "social experience", which is not reliable, because it serves to form ideas about the surrounding world in a form that is convenient for realizing the goals and the objectives of the controlling minority. On the basis of lies, there are formed the conceptual ideas of all members of the community, which is patronized by the System. Credible knowledge is available only to a narrow circle of persons, who stand above the controlling minority.
The authorities in every way prevent the formation of communities in the controlled majority, since any of them can become the center of the formation of public experience, uncontrolled by the power. This is a natural property of the unification of social beings, for the formation of a society is a condition for their survival.
The only "territory" beyond the control of the controlling minority is the consciousness of the individual and his/her ability to make decisions based on personal experience. Scilicet personal experience confronts the virtual ideas that the controlling minority imposes on a person. By definition, it is reliable, because it is formed by the very person on the basis of contacts with the environment. The powers that be are trying to isolate and obstruct everyone who wants to spread their personal experience in the form of knowledge accessible to all.
It's hard to believe that the powers that be would allow "dissent" in the controlled majority, without the possibility to control and direct it. An interesting observation is noticeable in analyzing how and by whom the revolutionary moods have been directed and formed in the recent past. All the "initiators" and "inspirers" were from among the controlling minority, and it was they who organized and conducted the revolutions. The controlled majority was given the role of a "cannon fodder", which was subjected to extermination.
Behind all the revolutions there stood the System. Thus, it was a way of conducting a "removal of tension" in the milieu of the dissatisfied from among the controlled majority. Something similar the powers that be intend to carry out in Ukraine. Social tension is growing day by day, and traditional methods for "releasing steam" do not work. Nerves are on the limit, but there are no constructive solutions. The powers that be have a feeling that they are sitting on a barrel of gunpowder, which is about to explode, but they don’t know how, where and in what way the "undermining" will happen.
Lessons of the "Arab Spring" did not go into use. Those, who created the illusion, have become themselves its victim. It is difficult to accept the concept of a world in which you are neither God, nor a tsar, nor a hero, but one should do it, for the Being is primary in relation to the consciousness of man. The powers that be are used to govern and command others, while remaining ordinary people.
Attempts to establish "self-government" in the herd of sheep is nothing compared to the possibilities of the Shepherd. Is it any wonder that He has the ability to control each and all at the same time. The concept of His control doesn’t contain the motivation of "donnybrook within the herd", which does not relieve one of the personal responsibility for what was done in the absence of the Shepherd.
He doesn’t pursue the goal of publicity of punishment, and therefore, will not do this as edification to others, for such is the lot of the weak. There will not be "more equal" among equals. Things will be back just the way they were. There is no need to use power where cooperation dominates in the name of achieving common goals. It is time for mankind to return to the natural path of development and to acquire the qualities of a full-fledged society, and with them – the future.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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