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Attitude to the Unidentified (Отношение к непознанному)

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в Attitude to the Unidentified (Отношение к непознанному)



Alas, a man in his/her decisions and actions does not always follow the principle of expediency. The reason for this may be his/her inadequate assessment of the situation in which he/she was at the given moment. A man is arranged in such a manner that, when confronted with the new and the unknown, he/she tries to identify it, relying on the knowledge and the ideas within the framework of the generally accepted standards, which  do not allow  to do it in a sufficiently trustworthy  way. Erroneous interpretation leads to wrong decisions.
The society reacts painfully to the manifestations of those human abilities that go beyond the "norm" inherent in the overwhelming majority. These include extrasensory influence and clairvoyance. Science in its present state is far from a correct understanding of such kind of the human nature’s "fluctuations" and prefers to interpret them from the position of principle: this cannot be, because it cannot be ever.
Such a reaction to the unidentified is contrary to the fundamental principles of cognition. The Being is primary with respect to the consciousness of man, and his/her interpretation of what is happening is secondary. True, this makes sense only if a person has a need for cognition of the world around him/her.
A man feels fear of the unidentified, which encourages him/her to seek the explanations and the interpretations that automatically transform the unidentified into the usual and the explained. Strangely enough, but the truth of the knowledge gained about the unidentified is not the main criterion for the formation of ideas about it. Most often, there dominate the views, which do not contradict the system of basic human knowledge, even if they are unreliable.
In fact, in the process of cognition, a person tends to achieve comfort, and not to establish the Verity. At the heart of the theories of social governance there lies the concept of controllability of the process of forming its members’ ideas, which is realized by means of "dosing knowledge" intended for them, and sometimes consciously introducing them into a state of delusion. Science, based on facts, is replaced by the "science of authorities", and therefore the process of cognition in the today's society is similar to "running on the spot," when "participation" is important, and not the result.
One can observe the scientifical men’s illustratory reaction at the time of real processes’ demonstration that take place before their very eyes, but come into conflict with the generally accepted ideas about what is possible. They modestly pretend that nothing happens. How can one believe then in the scientists’ inquisitiveness of the mind and the desire to know the verity?
The System determines that the one, who has more rights, is right. The stronger always blames the weaker. Disputes about the truth of knowledge and beliefs that dominate the society end with a weighty argument: "you are a dumb idiot yourself," with the subsequent defamation of those, who doubted.
Woe to the person who discovers in him- herself certain features and abilities that are not inherent in the majority. Going beyond the "norm" is fraught with consequences. Usually, such people turn into outcasts, and the science and the special services use them as "experimental rabbits".
The society, in the person of religious institutions and special services, has learned long ago how to identify such people, and without fail closely follows those who are now called psychics. These people are divided into two categories. The first includes "clairvoyants", and the second – "siloviks" [silovikliterally means strongman in English. For the purpose of the present article it means a man through whom the Power of Evil manifests itself in this world, i.e. the carrier of the said power].
In a man, there can be no signs of power and clairvoyance at the same time.
If in the case of clairvoyance we have a deal with the "safe" manifestation of abilities, then the "power" version is fraught with serious consequences for both the "testers" and the "test subjects". Special forces deal with the "siloviks". Their study and use are the prioritized directions in the activities of the "cloak and dagger" structures, since they allow receiving serious "bonuses" in matters of ensuring state security and countering the activities of similar organizations of other countries.
For an ordinary layman, the extrasensory abilities are associated with "clairvoyance" and no more. It is not accepted to discuss the existence of the "siloviks", as if they do not exist at all, and any person interested in this phenomenon will face the notion of "state secrets".
There are specially trained people, who seek and recognize children with spontaneous manifestations of "power" abilities. In the future, their fate is predetermined and the choice is not great: to serve the System or "go to the next world." Tertium non datur.
For such people there is a special feature in "possessing power". They cannot cause serious damage to each other, and therefore the "inexperienced" are easily forced to "collaborating." In fact, "power" is merely associated with them, and they do not have a real "possession of power." Hence their vulnerability.
During the existence of the KGB, an additional lever of coercion of the "siloviks" to obedience was their "coding", which allowed at the right time to launch in any of them the irreversible processes up to a lethal outcome. "Impact" is only an instrument, and therefore requires the ability to handle it, which was what the younger "siloviks" were trained by more experienced comrades.
Scilicet the "silovik", with competent influence on the human organism, is able to consolidate it to recovery or kill him. The effect of "suppressing" the disease is capable of staving off the destruction, but is not able to cancel it.
So "psychics-amateurs" are mistaken in their ability to heal, for they do not know the true nature of the acquired abilities. There is no gradation more or less strong "silovik", as there is only a level of "conformity to force".
"Moral" people from among the "siloviks" (if they could survive in such an environment) are less effective than "immoral" ones. The latter in their manifestation are more like "geniuses of the Evil", but such are only a few.
Having a guaranteed possibility to control the "siloviks", the intelligence agencies have faced with the problem of hitting the chosen "target". In fact, it turned out that the "power" that was associated with the "carriers" was not at all governed by them.
The impression was created that the "carriers" were only the "means" in the power’s hands. The effectiveness of their use depended on the coincidence of the intentions of the special services and the very "power". The latter clearly dominated them. So the most "ambitious" intentions of the special services remained unrealized. In the rest, their interests coincided.
Is there any possibility of counteracting to the "power"? On the part of the people – no.
It is also the truth that there exists a more powerful "antipode" that can suppress its manifestations. Based on the above "power’s" nature of action, you can safely associate it with Evil. In this case, the "antipode" is nothing else than the Power of Good.
He began to manifest Himself with the advent of a part of the Triune Entity on the Earth, whom we conditionally will call the "Shepherd". His abilities are beyond the understanding of people, but some of their manifestations are worth mentioning.
The "Shepherd" is able to enter the consciousness of any person and change the motivation of his/her actions. Contact with Him is the first phase of Justice of Heaven, which means that the expression "everyone must be ready”, has gained its relevance. I do not envy those who, through ignorance and stupidity, are trying to resist the "Shepherd". The result is sad. He is invulnerable to the power of Evil, but at the same time is able to suppress any of its manifestations.
The "Shepherd" has His own view of the future of mankind, while His intentions and actions are defined by the Providence. He does not view people as active participants in the Process, which means that they have only the role of "marginal participants". Time to throw stones has gone away. It's time to collect them.
He can save and heal many, but every man must go personally his/her way to Him. Ultimately, the salvation of the drowning remains the work of the drowning themselves. And everything happening now on the Earth is only an adequate response to the actions of those, who just recently believed that they own the world of people.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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