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Blessed Is the One Who Doesn’t Know (Блажен тот, кто не ведает)

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в Blessed Is the One Who Doesn’t Know (Блажен тот, кто не ведает)



The process of the human’s cognition is akin to climbing a high mountain: the higher you climb, the wider the horizon broadens. What was obvious below at the foot of the mountain, loses its obviousness with the advancement upwards. Of course, there can be doubts about the authenticity of what we saw, but nobody prevents us from going down and, having gone in the right direction, to investigate the pertinent object.
An undeniable proof is the very fact of what is happening, for the Being is primary in relation to our consciousness, and the interpretation by consciousness of what is happening is secondary. If you motivate some action, and then, following the motivation, implement it, you cannot have any doubts that the action was implemented scilicet by you. When, in the result of the experiment, you get the same result three times, it is considered reliable.
Imagine that you have abilities that go beyond the usual. As an example, you can consider the ability to heal. The first thing to be determined is the correspondence of the realized action to your motivation, if such an action really occurred. Only in this case it can be said that the action that scilicet you motivated gave the expected result. In the case of an impact on the patient for the purpose of healing, it is necessary to take into account the individual nature of the response to the impact, which depends on many factors. This affects the effectiveness of the impact, but doesn't call into question its presence as such.
Ultimately, the result is important, which will attest to the positive dynamics in the patient's condition change. If you are able to repeat the like with several patients, having received a positive result, then you can be sure that it was you who contributed to the recovery of these people. Explaining the phenomenon of your abilities is the domain of science, and not in the context of the possible or the impossible, but by the fact of what has happened.
Let’s complicate the task. The patient is at a distance of more than 1000 kilometers from you, but the effectiveness of the impact motivated by you remains the same. This means that you are given the ability to control the power associated with you. In this case, the distance to the patient doesn’t matter. If this power does not give you the real protection, then I don’t envy you, because it will become a curse for you. It turns out that the power played up to you and it is it, who dominates your tandem.  The "psychics-siloviks" have found themselves in this situation. [You can familiarize yourself with the characteristics of the "psychics-siloviks" there: http://nikpavl2002.livejournal.com/22417.html ; https://nikpavl2002.dreamwidth.org/69691.html ].
I feel blessed as the Power associated with me follows my motivation and really protects me. In this I am constantly being convinced for a long time. The spectrum of its application is simply enormous. Together with the Power there came responsibility, as well as understanding of my own goals and objectives.
Honestly speaking, this is not luck, but the heaven-born Providence. You are what you are, and nothing else is given. The ability to heal was secondary in the context of the Providence, which does not prevent me from monitoring the health of my nearest and dearest. I manage equally effective to help the pets. I especially like dogs.
Possession of Power leaves an imprint on my life. I have to limit the circle of my communication in order to protect people from the consequences of their possible stupid acts. Ignorance of laws does not absolve from responsibility.
I'm also not deprived of the special services’ attention, whose representatives actively read this journal. I remember that someone said that it's punishable to do good on the Earth nowadays. It is not easy for them to deal with me. The snoops from the field surveillance, who do not see the sense in their work, suffer particularly, for there is no worse "client" for them, than the one who lives the unremarkable life of a common layman.
There is no more ungrateful work than convincing or proving something to people. They are divided and revel in their individualism. In such a situation it is easier to motivate them for certain actions.
There is a big difference between the ways of exercising impact between the Power that is associated with me, and the one that accompanies the psychics and the other "wonderworkers."  The first, unlike its illegal "antipode", is present in this world in its own right.  This is the Power of the Creator, and therefore it can enter the objects and subjects of this world "from inside" without causing "perturbations" and antagonism. From inside means from the world of the Creator, which permeates and connects all the existing worlds. It is thanks to the Power's ability to make such an entrance that it became possible to really heal people.
For me, the Creator has information about what a person should have been at the time of his/her conversion for healing or help, if nothing bad had happened to him/her throughout the life. This information is a kind of matrix of a person, and it is in accordance with it that healing takes place. The human organism, using the growth program by which it was formed, and the resource obtained from the Creator, recognized by it as its own, gets a chance to cope with the problem.
Does there exist a cure beyond our understanding of what is possible? Yes, it exists. Here and now. It is not offered. One is asking for it. To seek salvation is the lot of people. It was said after all: seek and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you, ask, and be rewarded to you. God helps the going...
It is not difficult to get into the consciousness of any person and change his/her motivation. How does a person make a choice in his/her consciousness? Imagine that memory is a table on which there are three identical objects. You have to choose one of them, which you will successfully do. At the same time, the selected object will be placed closer, and the others will be moved away. Actually your choice will be indicated by the location of the object, so if I put another instead of it, then you won’t notice the substitution and will consider that this is your choice. The experience and the knowledge of mankind don’t contain information that such a thing is possible. Only people, who were present at your choosing, or who knew about the choice, will be able to notice your inconsistency.
For a common layman, all of the said above can be interpreted as a fantasy, and to any of my influences there can be found an explanation from the kind of random. Blessed is the one who doesn’t know.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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