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The People and the Power (Народ и власть)

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в The People and the Power (Народ и власть)



In society there is an opinion that the inquisitiveness of the human mind is the engine of the process of cognition. In reality, this is not the case, since the mind has become the instrument that, first of all, provided the needs of the human race for adaptation and survival, as well as its subsequent dominance in an aggressive environment.
Most people’s mind "sleeps" and is not active while its carrier is in a comfortable condition and nothing is threatening him/her. Usually a person calms down when he/she reaches the intended goal, thus eliminating the discomfort that prompted him/her to act.
The mind a priori does not see the expediency of carrying out actions beyond the framework of the survival process, and therefore the main driving force for the development of any civilization on the path of cognition is its spiritual entity that is usually called an angel. Such a spiritual entity can simultaneously be present in all members of the society of the civilization of the cognizers as the principle motivating and organizing their lives, activity and development. [For details about the 'cognizers' as well as the 'principle' see: In the Image and Likeness. Part1.The Beginninghttp://nikpavl2002.livejournal.com/64257.html]
Alas, humankind has not yet reached the level of development that is necessary for the transition to the category of the congnizers’ civilizations. It does not develop, but degrades, resembling a "squirrel in a wheel", which does not move from its place, while being in constant motion. This is how the life of humankind was organized by those who rule the world of people in order to keep them in obedience. They created and are maintaining the conditions for a competitive struggle for survival for the rest of the world's population, thereby blocking the possibility of spiritual development and positive self-realization given it by the Creator. Having usurped the right to dispose of the experience and knowledge of the once successful society of people, they doomed it to degradation and a miserable existence.
An important element that gives the controlling minority confidence in the stability of the System of power is the control over the process of formation and training of new generations of "slaves" at the level of consciousness.
What is the System? These are the people who were educated and trained by the authorities that formed their worldview and instilled in them a distorted value system. They are the System’s supporters and defenders. We do not need to go far for examples; it is enough to analyze what is happening in Putin's Russia.
True, the powers that be have one problem that is related to the nature of human as a social being. We have a need to form the society’s primary structures through communication and exchange of personal experience.
As the number of people involved in the exchange process increases, there also grows the probability of emergence of the nascent society’s experience. It contains in itself reliable information about the world around and the place of the person in it. This experience contradicts the knowledge and the ideas that a person received in the process of his/her formation and training as an element of the System, and therefore can replace them.
The authorities know about the existence of this "phenomenon" and, following the principle
“Divide and Rule”, in every way hinder the emergence of any citizens’ associations based on a community of their interests.
Periodically, in the "slaves’" milieu there accumulates a discontent with the conditions of their existence and matures a social tension, which can turn into protests and riots. Those who created the System, created also protective mechanisms that allow it to easily cope with such problems.
Since "slaves" are formed and trained by the authorities themselves, it is not difficult for them to instill in their consciousness information about possible options and ways of simulating "struggle" with the power. In real life, the power wins future battles already at a time when potential revolutionaries and troublemakers are still "hitting the books" at their school desks, because one cannot defeat the System by the methods and means it offers itself.
Perhaps now, many will understand the reason why the second Maidan brought the betrayers of the ideals of its predecessor into power. The participants of the first and the second Maidans have chosen a form of peaceful standoff with the authorities and did not take any active measures to overthrow them. That is why in 2004 and in 2014 the so-called "opposition", and, in fact, the next clone’s groupings of the same old System managed to successfully make twice the coup d’états.
In both cases, the overthrown authorities’ teams hoped for military assistance from Russia, which never came. In 2004, the Russian ‘spetsanaz’ deployed in Kiev and its environs failed its mission, and in 2014 Russia itself refused to engage in a large-scale invasion of Ukraine and its destruction as a sovereign state, although such plans and intentions of the Russian leadership really existed. So in fact, there were not in reality both the "orange revolution" and the "revolution of dignity". The very "opposition" came up with the stories about these “revolutions”, in order to compensate for the resentment to those from whom it had stolen the power.
If in 2004 the Ukrainians swallowed beekeeper Yushchenko’s lies, in 2014 to majority of them “chocolate” from confectioner Poroshenko and his friends became a lump in the throat. It is understandable, because in the first case the authorities modestly kept silent about the prepared massacre that Yanukovych intended to organize with his Russian patrons to the participants of the Maidan, but the threat of annexation of Ukraine by Russia in 2014 could make fat point on the "new" power itself.
The power had lied; lies and will always lie, believing that its lies are the white lies. Besides, it does not stop stealing, at the same time calling on the people to fight against theft and corruption. Such is its nature. The misfortune of the current government is its weakness and the lack of a mechanism for exercising power. The elections that it has arranged since its emergence, whether presidential or elections to the Verkhovna Rada, should have delayed the moment when its incapacity becomes apparent to all.
An unpleasant surprise for the authorities, which manifested itself during the second Maidan, was the growing self-awareness of its participants. Since then, the Ukrainian people are everywhere demonstrating a conscious position in their relations with the authorities, showing intolerance to its attempts to evade responsibility.
People no longer defend the System, but oppose it. The visualization of this circumstance has become a shock to the powers that be in the whole world, and they do not have an adequate answer to the problem that has arisen. The System was not ready to be "invaded" from the outside, and what destroys it, is beyond the understanding of the people whom it serves. The inviolability of the System was based on the belief that there were no methods for "reprogramming" people formed and trained by it. What is impossible on the Earth can be realized by the forces and means of another world.
Human consciousness operates with concepts and ideas, which are stored in memory in the form of stable associative connections. Making their replacement from the "wrong" to the "right" ones, one can change the system of human ideas at the level of his/her beliefs.
Scilicet this process affects the entire population of the Earth. Ukraine has become a place where its consequences are distinctly manifested. So, the active life position and consolidation of the Ukrainians in 2014, against the background of their complete passivity in 2013, are not a consequence of Russia's aggression or propaganda activities of agitators from the "opposition".
Ukraine is no exception. A similar phenomenon of self-consciousness growth and, as a result, subsequent revolutionary activity, may well occur in Ukraine’s northern neighboring country and solve in a natural way the problem of the Donbass and the Crimea.
Authorities of the world’s leading countries carefully decide on their participation in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. The reason lies in the uncertainty that arose in connection with the illogical and therefore incomprehensible decisions of the powers that be of Russia and the actions of its military against Ukraine. It becomes obvious that the events in the conflict zone are not controlled by any of the parties, and therefore there is no certainty in achieving the intentions voiced by them. Sanctions from the West are painful, but they are unable to stop the military machine of Russia, and Europe itself is not ready to conduct military operations on its own territory.
Unlike the president of Ukraine, the cautious leaders of Europe and the US do not try to ascribe to themselves actions they did not commit, and prefer to observe the developments from outside. The fuss of the Ukrainian authorities is quite understandable, as is the caution of the Russian party. The first one wants to preserve itself, even at the cost of losing part of the country's territory, while the other, knowing the incompetence of the first, is in no hurry to negotiate with it.
There remains decisive the opinion of the One who stopped the Russian army and arranged it a lot of problems. It is obvious that He doesn’t intend to enter into negotiations with the aggressor, but is ready to react instantly to his possible actions. One can as much as desired frighten the civilized world with acts of terrorism, but it is not this world that opposes Russia and decides the fate of those who usurped power in it, and are ready to plunge the country into a state of chaos and turmoil.
The Russian people, following the example of the people of Ukraine, who overthrew Yanukovich's bandit clique, will inflict a mortal blow to Putin’s regime.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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