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Shaky Truce (Зыбкое перемирие)

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в Shaky Truce (Зыбкое перемирие)



Reading the articles in my journal, many believe that the information contained in them is intended to clarify the state of affairs in the country and the world, so that people make the right conclusions and react to what is happening in an adequate way. In fact, this is not so.
In reality, now there depends little from the people. They will be able to help themselves if they do not commit foolish deeds, so as not to heighten the gravity of their already difficult situation.
But calling upon the mind of the powers that be does not make sense: they talk a lot, but do not hear anyone except themselves. Today, due to a number of circumstances that are unusual for them, they are in a panic, and therefore are unable to adequately assess the situation in which they themselves and the country as a whole are.
A shaky truce in the area of military operations gave the analysts time to take a different look at the course of recent events. Much of what is happening does not find a logical explanation within the framework of the habitual ideas of a man and generates more questions than answers. Use of the standard patterns in assessing events according to which explanations are simply far-fetched in order to give them credibility, while many facts are deliberately hushed up, does not work out anymore, and as a result, in the minds of the experts there grows incomprehension, and together with it – the fear.

First of all, this concerns the voiced intentions of the Russian leadership and the attempts of their further realization. Nobody doubts that the goal of Putin and his military was and still is the annexation of Ukraine. It would seem that for its achievement, Russia has the strength and the resources with abundance, what cannot be said about the capabilities of Ukraine, which in its military and economic potential is actually much weaker than its northern neighbor and is unable to effectively resist him. In this situation, the full-scale invasion of the Russian army after the seizure of the Crimea, according to international analysts, would be a logical and optimal solution for the Kremlin.
There arises a question: why didn’t Russia annex the territory of all Ukraine? Why waste time on the incomprehensible project "Novorossia" if you have an army capable of occupying entire Europe in a matter of days? It is not worth mentioning the inadequacy of Putin and his advisers, even if their decisions seem illogical from the point of view of an outside observer.
Most likely, we are talking about insufficient awareness of the observers themselves. In this case it is enough to assume the existence of some objective reasons that influenced the decision-taking, and everything falls into place. I do not think that the Russian side has an acceptable explanation for what is happening. This is indicated by its reaction to the United States as a possible source of the problems that the Kremlin has faced and the voiced threat of using nuclear weapons against the US.
Here is a short list of the events and the phenomena that even the most informed analysts find difficult, if not impossible, to explain correctly:
- the "blinding" of the Russian satellites at the time of flight over the territory of Ukraine;
- the numerous crashes of the Proton-M rocket carriers with military satellites shortly after taking off;
- the unexplained ratio of the losses of the warring parties in the Donbass (one dozen Ukrainians, who died in battle, to one hundred exterminated Russians);
- the ineffectiveness of the use of artillery by the Russian troops (minimal losses of the Ukrainian side);
- the anomalously large, significantly exceeding the average statistical indicators number of the unexploded ordnance fired by the Russian side;
- the large percentage of refusals of Russian weapons and military equipment;
- the lack of panic and a small number of deaths among the local population of Donbass during massive artillery shelling from the Russian side;
- the inefficiency of the Russian snipers’ as well as subversive and reconnaissance groups’ work;
- the numerous unexplained cases of the terrorists’ ammunition self-detonation in the places of its storage;
- the numerous cases of mass diseases of an unknown nature among the Russian military;
- the unidentified impact, which incapacitates pilots of Russian aviation in the airspace of Ukraine;
- the numerous cases of Russian military command’s loss of control of troops in the zone of military operations in eastern Ukraine.
All of the above mentioned is of non-random character. The military command of Russia is no longer confident in the combat readiness of its army and is forced to permanently conduct exercises to verify it.

If it were not for the betrayal of the Ukrainian authorities, the fighting in the conflict zone could end in the fall of 2014 with the defeat of the Russian army and its expulsion from our country.
It is imperative for the current Ukrainian authorities that there exists a "frozen conflict" in the east of the country. It's a question of their survival. In such a way they can write off own inaction, incompetence and theft for war, while simultaneously keeping in the conflict zone the volunteers and the motivated fighters, who have justified claims to the powers that be. Peaceful agreements in Minsk serve as a cover scilicet for this kind of actions on the part of the authorities.

Restraint of Europe and the US in relation to Russia is due to their preliminary agreement, or more accurately collusion, through which the Kremlin received a "go-ahead" for the annexation of Ukraine. If Putin fails to realize his plans, it will be his problem, and the members of the "Big Seven" will be able to consider their obligations fulfilled.
Though Ukraine has remained one on one with Russia, nevertheless, the presidents of both countries did neither control the situation in the war zone in the past, nor do they control it now. Putin will not be able to win victory in this war, since in Russia there have already begun the processes aimed at overthrowing the existing regime, and his troops are doomed to extermination in case of resumption of hostilities in the conflict zone.
The Ukrainian soldiers, participating in military clashes with the enemy, are convinced that they are able to defeat it, and do not understand why the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and president Poroshenko are holding them back. Otherwise, as a betrayal, such actions cannot be called, although the authorities prefer to talk about following the peace agreements.
In his time, President Yanukovich didn’t doubt the firmness of his regime, trusting in the strength of the Russian state, but as soon as a threat to his personal security arose, he hastily left the country.
It is possible that soon such a fate awaits the current powers that be in Ukraine.
The matter is not at all in the people's readiness to overthrow the government, as the Marxism’s adherents say, but in the existence of the "circumstances of an external order" that initiated a process in which people are only a means of achieving the goal. Controlling their consciousness at the level of motivation of actions, one can create an army of the first-class soldiers, giving them experience and skill that can’t be obtained through simple education and training. Conversely, in the same way it is easy to turn soldiers of an elite “spetsnaz” into ordinary civilians, who lack any skills in handling weapons. Something similar is happening in the war zone in the east of Ukraine.
Everything in this world has its own cause and consequence. People in power, following the experience of their predecessors, believe that they will be able to realize their intentions with impunity, but this is far from being true. They choose the path, but there is the One, who turns the road, by which they have to go to the intended goal, which will make it unattainable. There is nothing kept secret that will not come to light, and the persons of interest in power will discredit themselves, turning into outcasts for their yesterday's comrades-in-arms, who will remove them from the power. As a result of this "natural selection", the very few will remain in power, whose destiny is to be overthrown by new applicants for this very power.
It's high time to end with a "leapfrog", which changes the persons of interest in power, but doesn’t abolish it, as a phenomenon of social life. The process of changing people's consciousness continues, and very soon they will come to an understanding of the absurdity of the existence of an institution of power within a healthy society. It will sink into oblivion, and in its stead there will come the self-government, in which each member of the society itself seeks and realizes his/her usefulness for society. The first experience of such a search we could see on the Maidan, where it showed its effectiveness.
Not everyone understands what the power is, mistakenly referring to it those, who in fact are not the power.
It is quite enough for the functioning of the state to have an institute of public administration, which consists of specialists and ensures a normal life in the country. There is also a legislative body, which is elected by the people. It can be the parliament of the country (say, the same Verkhovna Rada in Ukraine), in which competence there is the legislation, regulating relations between people within the state.
The law enforcement agencies and the court oversee the implementation of laws, and the armed forces – protect the country.
All these institutions, with the exception of the parliament, should be completed by specialists of the appropriate profile on a competitive basis. In their activities they must rely on state (read: public) interests.
It follows herefrom that the public should monitor everything in the state and motivate its development, thereby realizing what is commonly called the powers of authority. In fact, this is the self-government, which is the optimal form of building the state.
The current "power" is a group of people, who usurped the right to rule the state, taking it from the public. People of power are parasites, who intend to live and be enriched at the expense of the state. They subordinate the people to their interests, and the state from the institution of the collective agreement of citizens, ensuring the dignified existence of all and everyone, turns into a sick organism, afflicted by corruption.
The next form of "degeneration" of power is dictatorship, in which everything is subordinated to the interests of one person. Power is a cancerous tumor on the body of the state.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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