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About the Bad and the Good (О плохом и хорошем)

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в About the Bad and the Good (О плохом и хорошем)



It's no secret that the correctness of the decisions made by a person largely depends on the adequacy of his/her perception of the surrarounding world. The fundamentals of this perception are laid in human cosciousness during the process of education, and it is not the fact that the ideas, which dominate the minds of most people, really reflect the true state of affairs in the world of which they are a part.
It is good when the event of the external world finds its own, albeit approximate, reflection in the form of an associative image in the mind of a person. But what happens if there is no such image? In this case, consciousness gives a primary assessment of the event in terms of its consequences for the person him
- or herself. In this case, three options are possible: positive, neutral and negative.
If the first two do not require an immediate response, then the latter will definitely become an incentive to take a quick decision, because it may be about the survival of the very person. It is likely that the primary evaluation of the event may turn out to be erroneous, but God helps those who help themselves.
Do not ever give a primary evaluation of the event at the mercy of other people, because this dramatically reduces the response time, which can lead to disastrous consequences. It is better to turn to personal life experience, which may be more correct than those ideas about the event that dominate in society. The rescue of a drowning man is the drowning man's own job.
There arises the question: why, in the milieu of people like themselves, it is natural to a person to follow the "herd instinct", and not to appeal to  own assessment of what is going on, though his/her very life can depend of it? Large groups of people tend to be influenced by the individuals, who are "strong" in society by their birth or by the status, although the level of their competence is often questionable. For such "leaders", the very fact of focusing the society's attention on them, rather than how to use it intelligently, is important.
Something similar happens with representatives of the new power in Ukraine, who assumed the role of leaders, though they have no idea of how to properly and efficiently use the opportunities they received in order to organize the social and the economic life of the country. Even their own experience of coming to power during the "Orange Revolution" had nothing to teach them. They are constantly stepping ecstatically on the old rake, demonstrating complete incompetence in the matters of state building and management.
Their rhetorics are not matched by actions, besides they are not sufficienly intelligent to attract specialists to the solution of the state matters. Appointments to responsible positions take place without regard to the level of competence of applicants, and candidates are chosen only from among their "own" milieu, which leads to the degradation of authority and its inability to realize its powers.
These are the realities of today. The only thing that the powers that be are now being concerned about is their survival, as well as formation and strengthening of their  positions in the society.
Let’s take, for example, the implementation of the recently adopted law on lustration. The authorities force the functionaries, who fall under the law, to shell out and obey to them, or voluntarily leave their posts. Most of them choose the first option. The issue of substituting the incompetent officials with the specialists is not even reviewd due to the absence of the latter. There is an opinion that the adoption of the law in its current form was done intentionally with the aim of discrediting it and abolishing it in the near future.
The situation with the conduct of antiterrorist operation in the east of the country is no better. The authorities consciously accepted the "freezing" of the conflict in the interests of their own survival. The reference to the lack of funds and the military might of Russia could be appropriate in early spring of 2014, but not now, when the ATO forces defeated the enemy, and his expulsion outside the country became a matter of time, but not an opportunities.
The authorities, however, preferred to begin negotiations with the aggressor, giving
him time to respite and restore the fighting efficiency of the troops.
The Russian army
was stopped by the losses it suffered, but not the diplomatic efforts of president Poroshenko. Continuation of active hostilities could have led the aggressor to even greater losses and raise an issue of the causes of this state of affairs. If the Ukrainian volunteers with a two-week training exterminate the elite of Russian troops, then it should be about the real fighting capacity of the army as a whole and its readiness, if necessary, to singly resist the aggression from outside, and therefore, about Russia's national security.
Since the Ukrainian authorities are not involved in the problems
that have emerged in the Russian army, they could not use them to strengthen their positions in the negotiation process. Russia is not in a position to continue military operations for objective reasons, but is burning with a desire to do everything to freeze the conflict, which is quite satisfactory for the Ukrainian side. This circumstance was the reason for the beginning of negotiations in Minsk.
The cowardly Ukrainian government takes credit for reaching agreements, not even suspecting that Russia was ready to agree with  the "Novorossia" project’s  liquidation and end the conflict as a whole. Much ado about nothing.
Russia was humiliated and forced to bear the burden of losses from sanctions by the United States and Europe, but did not become weak and defenseless in the eyes of the world community.
The truce in the east of Ukraine is of one-sided character intended to maintain the illusion of president Poroshenko "peacekeeping" efforts effectiveness. Terrorists prefer to conduct combat operations in order to maximize their profit and cause even greater damage to the infrastructure, civil and industrial facilities in the occupied territory, being conscious of their own hopelessness and following the principle "after us even the deluge."
The population of areas under the control of terrorists is on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe. The Ukrainian government is concerned about the situation only in words, but in fact is busy creating a buffer zone between government troops and terrorists in order to legitimize the loss of the occupied territories.

In this situation, Ukraine will not be able to realize its intention to join the European Union for a long time, since it will have a hotbed of tension on its territory. This is how the "European future", which the current government builds, is seen.
True, there is one circumstance that can hamper the realization of its plans: these are the  Ukrainian people, who will not allow  to be turned into obedient and wordless herd.
However much the authorities try to create the illusion of their own strength and significance in the lives of ordinary people, they will not succeed. The people have already felt their own strength and self-belief. Evidence of this was the creation of the military volunteer detachments that withstood  the main blow of the aggressor in the person of terrorists and Russian troops, as well as of the civil volunteer movement that supplies the military volonteers with everything necessary.
And what did the "legally elected" power do at that time? It betrayed and still betrays the interests of the country, in every way hindered and still hinderes the people from defending themselves, while not forgetting to plunder them.
The government does not have the resources to provide the army and
the military volunteers in the ATO zone, but at the same time it spends huge sums for holding presidential and parliamentary elections. The authorities take loans from the IMF and receive special assistance from other countries to restore the Donbass, but these funds do not reach those to whom they are intended.
Thus, the powers that be are trying to make the country's population dependent on themselves, condemning it to poverty and
hardships. There is every indication that a process of "reincarnation" of the power of the Party of regions and those, who created the "bandit regime" of Yanukovich in the country, is in full swing.
The predecessor of the current president was right, having predicted the revival of his regime through the coming to power of "Yushchenko-2" in the person of Turchinov, Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko. History has a habit of repeating itself, but do the Ukrainian people want this?
And now about the good. Let's talk about what is happening behind the scenes of the theatrical action "the struggle for power" in Ukraine and is not accessible for understanding both for the majority of population that was indoctrinated by the power, and the representatives of the authorities themselves. Fortunately, everything that is happening in the country is under vigilant control from Above, because if there was no outside help, Ukraine would already have been long ago merged in the "united and indivisible".
Perhaps, many will not be flattered to hear this, but now there is conducted the Creator's "rescue operation" of people, in which they are assigned the passive role of the salvables. In the framework of this operation, there takes place a "coercion to peace" of terrorists, as well as of Russia itself.
The events of the "Arab Spring" showed that it is much more sensible and effective to
controle people at the level of motivation. Every controlled person believes that all decisions are made by him/her personally and without any outside interference. At the same time, the actions of the teams excel at the coherence and perfection of the tasks fulfillment.
Scilicet these factors put the Egyptian special services, who were trying to find the initiators of the riotings, their command centers and the so-called "warlords", who led the protesters in Tahrir Square and the streets of Cairo, at a standstill. They couldn’t do this for one reason – they simply did not exist.
The analysts’ attempts to explain the effectiveness of the participants’ actions in revolutionary events by their using of the Internet, the social networks, the mobile phones can do little to make the situation  more clear, because they don’t answer one simple question: who initiated and directed the actions, and every day supported the people's intentions to participate in the protests?
The analysts only have stated that, compared with the youth movements of 20002005 the revolutions of the "Arab Spring" period were less organized, had neither command structures nor the pertinent training, and were much more fluid. Nevertheless, in Egypt, their amorphous unnamed coalition in 2011 overthrew the regime of Mubarak, although in 20042005 he easily defeated Kefaya, a youth organization that operated according to the templates created by the System.
For people it
has remained a mystery, Who exactly directed the events of the "Arab Spring". As they say, it is very difficult to look for a black cat in a dark room. Especially if it's not there. To this I can only add that for people this task is simply insoluble, if the very room is missing, i.e. there are no corresponding associative connections in their minds.
As for the potential adversary,
then only those, who are able to resist and who can interfere with the well-coordinated work of the groups of the controlled persons, are exposed to the outside influence, and the rest are suppressed at the level of motivation of their actions.
Religious, racial and national identity of the controlled persons does nor matter, as well as their occupation or level of professional training. The controlled people act much more cohesively and professionally than the military with the highest level of skill.
Hence, the ratio of losses in the case of an open military conflict differs from the historically established parameters. In Ukraine, we can observe this when volunteers with a two-week training
manage to "close in zinc coffins" the elite units of Russian spetsnaz”.
In order to minimize possible losses among the civilians, they are also exposed to influence and cease to be prone to panic, even in the case of the residential buildings' artillery shelling.
The mercenaries and the military personnel of foreign states abiding in the zone of combat operations are subjected to a special kind of influence, which makes them completely lose their military qualifications and ability to act effectively. Something similar is happening to the participants of the enemy’s subversive groups. The same applies to snipers and artillerymen.
The enemy's weapons and military equipment are also expoxed to influence, which leads to their mass failure. In such a situation, any army of the world is doomed to failure.
With all the above-described the US military had to face in Libya, and now it was the turn of the Russian army to test the effectiveness of the initiated by the Creator campaign of "forcing to peace."

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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