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It's High Time for Them to Gather Stones

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For many people, watching the processes that are taking place in Ukraine, there remains topical the question: is the emergence of new power a real embodiment of the intentions and the aspirations of the Maidan’s defenders? The answer is unequivocal – no! In fact, we witnessed the usurpation of power by a bunch of the adventurers, who obtained from the Maidan through fraudulent means the right to exercise power.
How did it happen that those who stood on the Maidan repeated the mistake of their predecessors of the times of the “orange revolution” and resignedly handed the power over to the crooks?

It is worth recalling that the essence of the current System of power consists in the forcible subordination of the majority to the interests of the minority. Those who stood on the Maidan were a part of this very "majority", to whom the power of the "minority" is needed no more than a horse needs whip and bridle.
The Maidan advocated for organizing the system of self-government in the country from top to bottom through the process of self-organization of the masses as the basis of true democracy in the state, a single and indivisible social institution based on a social contract ensuring the dignified existence for each and everyone. In such a system, the hierarchy of the power structures changes radically. If, for example, under the current Constitution, which establishes the division of power into legislative, executive and judicial, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is the supreme body in the system of executive authorities, then in the above-mentioned system of self-government it will have the status of the supreme executive body of the people power.

The defense of the country was supposed to be carried out by the self-defense forces created on the same principles.
The power in its present form appeared to be the tool that has remained unclaimed in the intended process of implementing the plans of the Maidan’s participants. Everything would go well if the Maidan declared itself or the People's Veche the only legitimate source of real people power in the country and only after that intrusted "those who want to steer" to form government bodies under its control, but it did not do this, thus depriving itself of the opportunity to control the process of exercising power in the future.
This was cleverly used by the new team of the System of power, which replaced Yanukovich's clique. Realizing the significance of the events in the political life of the country that were unfolding in the Independence Square, it sent a number of its representatives to the Maidan in order that with the support of the media they gain the status of leaders, who allegedly express and defend the ideals and interests of the people, and together with the said status – the legitimate right to speak on their behalf. Participants of the Maidan realized too late that Poroshenko, Turchinov, Yatseniuk, Parubiy, Avakov and Co. as the experienced "political surfers" in actual fact on the wave of popular protest dealt with the matters of preserving the System and their personal enrichment.

The gained from the Maidan legitimacy was to help these adventurers in getting from the people the right to power through holding elections, which they arranged after Yanukovich's escape. The election of the "people's" president made him independent of the possible Maidan’s influence, and the formation of a pro-presidential majority in the Verkhovna Rada strengthened the position on the "imperious Olympus" of both him personally and the political group supporting him. So, the team of successors of the previous guarantor of the Constitution considers, believing that having performed the ritual of "lawful entry into power", that its representatives received the means to realize the powers prescribed to them in a new capacity.
In reality, this is not the case. In practice, the apparatus of the state government is the nationwide instrument of implementation of the powers of authority but it was destroyed by the people of president Yanukovich with the assistance of the special services of Russia, which were preparing Ukraine for membership in the "unified and indivisible". Its functions at the time of the “transition period” were fulfilled by the institute of the so-called "observers" [the term "observer" comes from the criminal world (it is similar in general meaning to the term alpha-dog in the American criminal slang)] established by the former guarantor of the Constitution. The specialists and the competent managers were dismissed, and their posts in the management apparatus were sold to those, who wanted buy them, and turned into the "feeding places" of the newly appointed functionaries. Scilicet in this form the political group that came to power has got it.
Similar metamorphoses have occurred with the bodies of the power structures’ administration, including the army, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Security Service.
The new authorities simply do not have specialists, who could restore the working capacity of the destroyed administration apparatus. In its current condition, it resembles a driver, who has lost a car, but claims to participate in the race.
The oligarchs, frightened by the Maidan, are slowly coming to their senses, while the yesterday's "vanquished" enthusiastically take part in sharing power on the ground and generously finance the separatists in the ATO area.
Europe and the United States are also happy with the way the restoration of the System of power is underway in Ukraine, but they are aware of the precariousness of its position and are slow to invest in the restoration of the country's economy.
Now the powers that be are only imitating the exercise of the powers of authority, creating in the media the illusion of their own significance and effectiveness. True, the "successes" are noted only in the international affairs. And in the country itself there were no “successes” either back then, or now.
Ukraine, like under Yanukovych, remains a "Bermuda triangle", in which both the generous help of the West and the IMF loans disappear without a trace. The people of power, enjoining benefits of their position, have taken up the usual business. Namely, they returned to sharing-out the budget funds and re-privatizing the property of Yanukovich's "vanquished" supporters, while not forgetting to note that they are doing this for the good of the people and for the sake of the blessed memory of the "Heavenly Hundred."
Verbally, they are for the territorial integrity of the country and are even ready, like the president, to give up their lives for it or take a "bullet in the forehead," like former Prime Minister Yatseniuk.
Involuntarily there arises the question: where are those, who stood on the Maidan, and why are they sitting still for this "farce of power"? They, as befits true patriots, in the zone of carrying out of antiterrorist operation are protecting sovereignty and integrity of the country.
The volunteer squads have created effective self-defense at the most critical moment of confrontation with the aggressor, when the army of the Ukrainian state destroyed by Yanukovich was unable to protect the country, and desperate volunteers managed to provide emergency supplies for the fighters with all the necessary, while demonstrating remarkable organizational abilities.
It was thanks to their efforts that the enemy was stopped and almost defeated, and even could be expelled from our country, if there was not the betrayal on the part of Poroshenko and Co., who preferred agreement with the enemy to victory and completion of the ATO.

The goal of the Ukrainian power grouping’s "peace-making" efforts and the agreements in Minsk is to "freeze" the conflict, while at the same time contribute to the extermination of those, who pose a threat to this grouping’s existence, holding them in the ATO zone.
Simultaneously, the powers that be are doing everything in order to disband the volunteer battalions and disperse their staff between the military and the police formations controlled by the authorities.
The Ilovaisk “couldron" [i.e. entrapment], which was organized by Putin in cahoots with Poroshenko, according to the plan of the accomplices, had to significantly reduce the number of the volunteers and at the same time confirm the inexpediency of using such formations in the zone of combat operations.
There is every reason to believe that there was an agreement with the Russian side on the volunteers, as evidenced by the revelations of Russian “spetsnaz” soldiers, who reported on the order from above to exterminate the “idea-driven" (i.e. volunteers) and not take them prisoner. According to the same order, the Ukrainian military conscripts and contract soldiers were to be released.

The 2014 Maidan has become a threat to the very existence of the System of power, not only in Ukraine, but also in Russia, which united the both countries powers that be in an effort to maximally weaken its influence on society. The annexation of Ukraine by Russia would have allowed destroying all those who were involved in the Maidan, but for objective reasons it did not take place.
Negotiations in Minsk cemented this situational alliance between the powers that be of Ukraine and Russia, and the "freeze" of the conflict proved to be a profitable decision for both sides. Putin has got the opportunity to save his face, and Poroshenko has for a long time postponed the volunteers’ threat to the domination of his group.
At the same time, the Russian side hopes to annex the occupied territories of the Donbass to the Russian Federation in the future. The Ukrainian authorities, however, decided to sacrifice part of the country's territory for their well-being.
So, the current line of confrontation threatens to turn into a border between Ukraine and Russia in the near future, while the Ukrainian power with the help of the Western partners will get a chance to form a battle-worthy army that it will need inside the country to suppress possible unrest directed against it.
I think that all these plans will not come true as it happened with Putin's plans for Ukraine. In this case, the result is important, and not how it will be achieved.

The military presence of the Russian Federation in any form in the occupied territory of the Donbass will entail destabilization of the situation within Russia itself with serious consequences for Putin and his accomplices among the powers that be. The process will go on increasing and embrace not only the population of the country, but also the army, which will lead to the destruction of the current regime and, possibly, the disintegration of the Russian Federation.
The Ukrainian authorities will also face a serious conversation with the volunteers, and it can be the last one for them. Time will tell.
I do not think that playing in God the Masters of the Universe [global power brokers] will have sufficient intelligence to realize that when they choose the path to their intended goal, there must always be near the One who will turn the road, along which they are to go.
They had believed that they could manipulate the consciousness of entire nations, forming the views of every person from the moment of birth and forcing him/her to believe in the world they invented. The only thing is that they themselves are ordinary people, as well as those on whom they carry out their experiments, and therefore are available to the One, who stood at the origins of the creation of homo sapience. It's time for them to gather stones.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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