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The Revolution of Dignity (Революция достоинства)

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в The Revolution of Dignity (Революция достоинства)



As things go nowadays,  to tell the fortune isn't worth the effort. Nevertheless, the Russian president decided that it was the right time to revive the great and indivisible empire, if not within the boundaries of the spheres of influence established in Yalta by the "Big Three", then at least within the borders of the once mighty USSR. This is a complicated and troublesome matter, and therefore the Russian special services began active preparatory work on the territory of the former Soviet republics’ successor-States. The strategy of its implementation, based on the concept of Russia's right to control the adjacent territories right up to the scale of the whole planet, was developed by the leading scientific institutions, including the Institute for the U.S. and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and the Russian analytical centers since the early 1990s.
Adherents of the concept consider the process of concentration of the said control as objective, which means that it cannot be either "canceled" or "banned". Russia, in their opinion, today has a theoretical substantiation for such a process, the so-called Concept of public security, which they see as a unifying idea for the peoples of the world. In their understanding, this is a model for building an allegedly just and happy society, as well as the path of human development in accordance with the Higher Reason.
In fact, the Kremlin was not at all concerned with the arrangement of a happy life for
the humankind, but with the advancement of its "Russian world", the arrival of which it "made happy" the population of the annexed Crimea and the occupied part of the Donbass, to the territories of other countries. The authorities of the Russian Federation, which is the legal successor to the former USSR, considered the entire post-Soviet space to be its sphere of interest, and therefore began to make happy its neighbors by imposing willy-nilly "friendship and mutual assistance" treaties on the formerly fraternal republics that had become independent states. These treaties signed in the 90-s with the mentioned states, as well as with Ukraine, were, in fact, just an operation to cover the expansionist intentions of the Kremlin towards them. It is characteristic that their conclusion was accompanied by the deployment by the Kremlin of their limited military contingents in the territory of these states as a guarantee of its own geopolitical interests.
Ukraine, the only country that did not have a contingent of Russian ground forces on its territory, remained an important, but due to this circumstance, a weak link in Putin's plans to revive the "great and indivisible", although on the Crimean Peninsula there was a part of the ships and personnel of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, which number could reach 25 thousand people. The reason for the absence  of Russia’s ground forces contingent on the continental part of Ukraine is still a closely guarded secret.
Further, the Kremlin compensated for the lack of a contingent of its ground forces as a lever of influence by using in this capacity Yanukovych's pro-Russian regime, which assumed the function of ensuring the process of Ukraine's "peaceful" entry into the Russian Federation, having fully placed the state administration apparatus and the state power block under the control of Russian special services.
By the end of 2013, it seemed to Yanukovych that all the components necessary for the successful accomplishment of the task were present at hand, and Putin could begin reuniting the "Russian lands". However, circumstances often prove to be stronger than a person, and the "peace" plan was transformed into the annexation of Ukraine with the use of armed forces.
The Russian president quite reasonedly believed that neither the US nor Europe would interfere with the implementation of his plans, because in the recent past they also have "sinned" in this way. So, it happened that when the occupied Crimea became a part of the Russian Federation, the world community stoked up with popcorn in anticipation of the annexation of continental Ukraine.
According to the current Ukrainian president, at the time of the expected large-scale invasion, our army numbered 6,000 fighters who could hardly resist the power of the Russian military machine.

Nevertheless, for  reasons undefined, the obvious did not happen, and the Russian army preferred to stamp off at the border with Ukraine, shorting time in the exercises of various levels. Well, it just so happened that they wanted to do their job better than usual, but it turned out even worse than ever, because, as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
The world public, watching the inaction of the Russian army, began to murmur on the sly, obviously not understanding the reasons and
the logic of this scenario. It is quite understandable, because the Russian side has announced its intentions and goals, it has a modern and well-armed army, but there are no actions, and defenseless Ukraine, despite the apparent superiority of forces in favor of the aggressor, continues to exist. Nonsense. The only acceptable explanation for the hardened materialists is that Putin changed his mind. Sometimes it happens so. But in such cases it is still better to remember another truth: God is God’s, and Caesar is Caesar's.
It is interesting that further development of events also doesnt succumb to logic. Why was it necessary to use the project "Novorossiya", if the army, capable of capturing the whole of Europe in a few hours, is at hand? It will also have to be written off on the whim of the Russian president, though his military actions are more like the behavior of a hungry wolf who tries to enter the room where the sheep are, but something does not allow him to do it.
Apparently, they are engaged in the search for a "weak spot" in the defense of the enemy, but this is possible only if it is much stronger, and this clearly does not apply to the Ukrainian army that opposes them in the AT
O zone. It's strange all this.
Ukrainian volunteers cannot "grind"
down the elite units of the "Uncle Vasya's troops." ["Uncle Vasya's troops" (in Russian «войска дяди Васи») is a Russian military slang nickname derived from the abbreviation ВДВ i.e. воздушно-десантные войска which is equivalent for American abbreviation AFE i.e. Airborne Forces Establishment]. It doesn’t work that way, because it is contranatural.  Nevertheless this really happens, although the ratio of the sides’ number of deaths doesnt lend itself to a logical explanation.
There became indicative the losses of the Russian elite spetsnaz subunit  “Vympel(Pendant) in the battle for the Donetsk airport: 32 fighters in one fight, although during 33 years of its existence, Vympel lost only 29 people.
The Russian president
reasonably suspects Poroshenko of the insincerity of his intentions. Maybe it's for the better? After all, the Ukrainian president is ready to negotiate with Putin on any terms, since he is also not pleased with such circumstances, especially because he has nothing to do with what is happening.
The Minsk agreements are on everyone's lips, but no one knows the true terms of the agreements, although it is obvious that the Ukrainian president has surrendered everything he could to satisfy Putin's appetites. No wonder
that when the cyborgs (the Ukrainian soldiers called so for their bravery and adamancy) developed a successful offensive at the Donetsk airport, the brave generals Muzhenko and Poltorak rushed there to stop it, because it threatened the very necessity of the Minsk agreements.
It's good that none of the powers
that be of the two countries control the development of the situation, and the Ukrainian military and volunteers continue to smash the enemy, causing it irreparable damage.
It seems that only the Ukrainian people are interested in victory over the enemy and its expulsion from the country. There is such time now, when the secrets becomes clear, and the events develop against the wishes of the powers that be in both countries.
Do not forget that it is not good to put things in order in someone else's house without asking permission from the
Host. That is why there will be no agreements, but the liberation of the occupied territories, and after it – the Ukrainian people’s "heart to heart" conversation with the "new authority", which will understand that it is not the big cheese on this Feast of life. Neither the US, nor Europe, nor Russia will be able to prevent the forthcoming "thorough conversation".
Ukraine will be a sovereign and independent State, and not a colony of
the "movers and shakers", to which its current authority wants to turn. The "Revolution of dignity" is coming, the people are awakening from a dream, imbued by the "sirens of power".
The Maidan and the coup d'etat that followed it were just
the revolution’s prelude. It will not be possible for the Ukrainian president to save the image and the face of Putin, who believes that he became the victim of the "world power brokers’" conspiracy. Soon he will not be up to the "NATO volunteer legions", as the "Russian spring" will begin. It promises to be no less stormy and effective than the "Arab" one.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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