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The Self-Preservation Instinct (Инстинкт самосохранения)

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в The Self-Preservation Instinct (Инстинкт самосохранения)


The basic instinct of any power is the instinct of self-preservation. The Power is the core of the System, and the State in its current form is an instrument for its implementation. The power deliberately not only associates, but also identifies itself with the state, and therefore positions the threat to its existence as the anti-state activity. In order to survive, it needs to protect itself.
It was no coincidence that Lenin taught his companions that ‘no revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself.’ These words of the world revolution’s leader reveal the real underlying reason of the "irreconcilable" confrontation between communism and capitalism as an artificial conflict that is presented to the world by the System, which professes the principle of "divide and rule". Thus, the system, like a chess player, who plays both white and black figures at one time, ensures the protection of the social institution of the power as such, for its purpose is to conceal from humanity that there is no place for it in the Creator's Providence.
The nature of the power is characterized by the fact that the issue of its replacement should be considered a regular and natural phenomenon. Any authority wants to create in the minds of those over whom it realizes its powers, the illusion of its thoroughness and durability. Usually power is exercised by a small group of people, aware of the precariousness of their position in the state, and therefore preparing conditions and ways to exit from it while preserving the wealth acquired during the reign.
The mechanism of "succession" allows for the transfer of the power from one group to another without the use of force. In the Western countries, this process is of civilized character, when the "groups of influence" consistently implement powers of authority, and the teams of their substitutors stay on the "bench", waiting for their turn.
In the process of realizing imperial ambitions, Russia's power was transformed into the dictatorship of the cooperative "Lake". The return to the former succession became impossible, which required the creation of another mechanism to ensure immunity for the current authorities and their property in case of a fall of the regime.
For this purpose, the FSB (Federal Security Service of Russia) arranged so that a person controlled by it guaranteedly would become the leader of the protest movement in the country and later could pretend to the post of president. Alexei Navalny was nominated on this role.
Young and inexperienced, but with great ambitions, he clearly loses in all ways to the old opposition politicians, who previously tasted power, but this is not important, because in the Navalny’s "support group" there are invisibly present the power and the capabilities of Russia's special services that will eliminate all obstacles on his way.
Their first victim was Boris Nemtsov. His death is a warning to those who only yesterday saw themselves at the head of the protest movement of Russia and were eager to return to power.
If Putin arranges "controlled chaos" on the territory of neighboring states, what can keep him from organizing a "managed revolution" inside his own country?
The president of Russia and his accomplices have a tool for the exercise of the powers of authority in the form of government apparatus, but unlike them Ukrainian authority doesn’t have it, and because of that it has to imitate teeming activity that cannot continue for long. The lack of implementation of the managerial decisions is already evident, which naturally worries Western investors. The habit of lying makes people of the power hide its incapacity in the hope that the destroyed government apparatus will miraculously work again.
But the miracle doesn’t happen, and the criminal inactivity of the powers that be threatens with serious consequences to the country's economy and defense capability. The people of the power in Ukraine have neither knowledge nor skills nor opportunities for the restoration of the state apparatus of government, and they will have to bow to the statesmen of the West, so that they build a new state apparatus in the country, but this once of the colonial type, as it was done in India or Australia.
In such a Ukraine, the current power will not have place because of its corruption and incompetence. That is why it considers only those options that will ensure the possibility of its preservation. For example, the same "decentralization in Ukrainian" can lead to the formation of vassal territories, which will provide for the central government in exchange for "lawlessness" of the local criminal authorities. Fortunately, on the ground, all the functionaries from the former Party of Regions remained and operate to the utmost extent.
Who said that only the power is able and can govern the state? There is also such a form of state structure, as the government by the people, based on the principles of self-government. If the authorities are preoccupied with their own well-being, then self-government takes care of the problems of the state, optimizing all managerial processes on the basis of expediency and effectiveness.
At one time, the Maidan put forward the concept of building statehood in Ukraine on the basis of self-organization, self-government and self-defense. According to this concept, the only source of the government by the people is the National Assembly or the Veche, which is elects and empowers a committee designed to create government bodies on the basis of expediency and effectiveness. Under its leadership, there should be conducted on a competitive basis recruitment of specialists to all institutions and management bodies. Public control will make it possible to forget about such a phenomenon as corruption.
Self-organization has already proved its effectiveness in the tandem of civil volunteer movement plus self-defense based on volunteer military detachments. They stopped the Russian aggression in the east of the country. Therefore, the volunteers are considered jointly by the powers that be in Ukraine and Russia as a mortal threat to the very institution of the power, and therefore are subject to physical extermination.
The command of the Ukrainian army, in view of its incompetence and lack of professionalism, turned out to be completely unprepared for conducting military operations in the east of Ukraine and providing the units with everything necessary, which only confirms the absence of real state control in this sphere.
Apparently, for this reason, there is growing dissatisfaction among the commanders of the units, because they themselves have to coordinate and organize joint actions on a network principle, as it happened during the withdrawal of troops from the "cauldron" near Debaltsevo.
Fighters on the front line need modern weapons, but they cannot get it because the go-betweeners are "merchants from the army." Obviously, therefore, the US government doesn’t dare to supply modern weapons to Ukraine, since there is a big risk that Ukrainian functionaries will immediately sell it to Russian "business partners".
The Russian army occupied part of the country's territory, carrying death and destruction, and the Ukrainian government continues to trade with the aggressor, while demanding the imposition of sanctions against Russia on the part of the world community.
This is the state of affairs. But not everything is that bad as it seems. The Russian authorities should take a closer look at the chronicle of developments during the "Arab Spring", when, by the will of the Creator, an apolitical and inertial population, as a result of consciousness’ control at the level of motivation, turned into well-organized detachments that carried out the overthrow of the power.
It is also worth to look at those who were called to protect the power. They were turned into unmurmuring herd, incapable of resistance. And all this happened despite the fact that it was about professionals of high qualification.
Something similar is happening now in the war zone in the east of Ukraine, and in the near future will take place in Russia. Those whom the power pegs as a herd will turn into highly effective soldiers, while the soldiers, called to protect it, will repeat the fate of those who didn’t cope with such a task during the "Arab spring".
The current Ukrainian power should have taken an interest in the true causes of the fall of Yanukovych's regime and the incapacity of the GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate of the Russian General Staff) and the FSB agent network in Ukraine since the annexation of the Crimea.
Nothing happens by itself, and every event has its own author. Nature abhors a vacuum. Those wishing to take credit for other people's merits are as plentiful as fish in the sea, but the problem is that only the author is able to repeat the action many times with the desired result. So the continuation follows...

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov

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