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If I Can't Have It, Neither Can You* (Если не съем, так понадкусываю)

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в If I Can't Have It, Neither Can You* (Если не съем, так понадкусываю)



Since the seizure of the Crimea, the world perplexedly observes the actions of Russia, which, possessing a powerful and well-armed army, for some reason does not hurry to use it for the annexation of Ukraine. Why should one need a local conflict in the Donbass, if it is possible to get the whole country at once?
The idea of ​​a hybrid war was born in the inflamed minds of military analysts because of the illogicality of what was happening. For certain reason they think that they are dealing with some kind of insidious plan of the Russian president.
In fact, everything that happens in the ATO zone is explained quite simply, if one assumes and accepts as a given that the Russian military confronted with an objective reason that doesn’t allow them to implement the original plan for Ukraine's annexation. In such a case, we are watching their attempts to find a way out of the situation created, and not to implement certain strategic plan. Putin reacts to what is happening, but doesn’t control it.
The occupation of part of the Donbass’ territory led to the Russian army’s colossal losses and made the continuation of the conflict absurd. It becomes obvious that someone incomparably stronger and possessing opportunities beyond the limits of human understanding, makes it clear to the political leadership of Russia that it needs to act adequately to the situation that has arisen. Namely, to abandon aggressive aspirations towards Ukraine, withdraw troops from the occupied territories, including the Crimea, and compensate for the damage caused.
Otherwise, the Libyan scenario awaits Russia, and the Russian president will share the fate of Colonel Gaddafi. And this will be done by the hands of the Russians themselves, while the West will only observe what is happening from the outside.
What is the strength of any authority? It is its ability to effectively control the people, in relation to whom it realizes its powers of authority and the ability to subordinate their will to its interests. The overthrow of power becomes inevitable if the people cease to obey it. That is why the power doesn’t disdain any means to control the people and keep them in its dependency.
Controllability of people is ensured at the stage of formation, education and training of the younger generation. The forthcoming battles power wins already behind the school desks, when it trains future revolutionaries. Following the received knowledge and the "historical experience", they inevitably suffer defeat, since it is impossible to defeat the System by the methods and means it offers.
The people's confidence in the inviolability of the System’s existence is based on the assumption that there are no methods and means on the Earth with the help of which it would be possible to "reprogram" a person at the level of his/her basic knowledge and ideas. So it was until recently. States and their rulers are only bargaining chips on the chessboard for those who actually manage the community of people on a planetary scale. The System was created by them and works for them.
If during the events of the "Arab Spring" in Tunisia and Egypt, and then in Libya, there was carried out only approbation of the methods of controlling large masses of people by forming motivation for their actions, in Ukraine we witnessed a different process.
Thus, changes in the basic knowledge and ideas of a person at the level of beliefs gave him/her not only a qualitatively different system of values, but also made him/her an active and motivated participant in events. This means that the whole of humankind is no longer controlled by the System, and it is not able to predict the people’s actions.
Those who are trying to exercise their authority over the people of Ukraine can no longer subordinate them to their will. The power in fact proved to be incompetent. This can be confirmed by the absence of announced reforms in the country. This also applies to the army. The declaration of intent did not add weapons, ammunition and did not improve the supply of the AFU’s (Armed Forces of Ukraine) units in the conflict zone. The power doesn’t see any sense in the counteroffensive of our troops in order to liberate the occupied territories, and prefers to surrender them to the enemy on its own terms.
According to the Minsk agreements, the president of Ukraine has done everything to ensure that Putin can get unhinderedly what was promised to him. Meanwhile, he is nervous and waiting, when the Russian troops finally occupy the Donetsk and Lugansk regions within their administrative borders. But only the expectations of the Russian president are vain, because he cannot do this for the same reason that the full-scale invasion of the Russian troops and the annexation of all Ukraine failed.
Putin did not have much trouble "persuading" oligarch Poroshenko to go on betraying the interests of the state thereby showing the Ukrainians whom they elected as their president. It was this goal that he pursued when he gave his consent to the negotiations in Minsk. He controlled Yanukovych and now no less successfully controls the new "guarantor", showing the world the corrupt essence of the Ukrainian power.
This is the whole of Putin: if I can't have it, neither can you. Of course, he can place all the military potential of Russia in the occupied territories, but what is the use of modern weapons, if those who use it are under full control of the "enemy", and this opponent is not Ukrainians?
Many in Ukraine believe that we cannot win without the help of the West, but this is far from being true. With faith in the soul and with God in the heart, the volunteers convincingly proved that they are able not only to defeat the enemy, but also to drive him out of the native land.
The outcome of battles depends on people, not on the quantity and the quality of the weapons used. There are many evidences to this, but they are not an argument for the Ukrainian power, which prefers to agree even with the very devil if it is about its survival.
The avalanche begins with the inconspicuous movement of several stones. Ukraine is only a visualization of the processes that embraced the whole of humanity. It's hard to catch a change in yourself, if everything around you changes with you at the same time. Humankind is on the path to recovery, and the One, who initiated this process, will take care that nothing prevents its successful completion.

* The title of this article in Russian Если не съем, так понадкусываю comes from the Ukrainian original, the proverb Якщо не з'їм, то понадкуcюю, which has no the direct analogue in English and literally means If I cannot eat something up, then I'll take a bite all over it. This statement very explicitly describes greed. Of course, the expression is not necessarily applicable to food. Its meaning is as follows: I’ll rather spoil something than permit someone else get it, even if I don’t need it at all. The article’s title in English If I Can't Have It, Neither Can You conveys scilicet this meaning.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov


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