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Patriotism Is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel

Оригинал взят у nikpavl2002 в Patriotism Is the Last Refuge of a Scoundrel
Патриотизм — последнее прибежище негодяя



The lack of real reforms in Ukraine, which  ensues from the incompetence  of the government, forces the latter to show its activity in institutional terms in order to keep the people in ignorance about the true state of affairs in the country as long as possible. The authorities in every available way delay the inevitable social explosion and are preparing to suppress it.
It is for this purpose that huge budgetary funds are spent on the formation and the training of police units. In fact, the country maintains both the militia and the police, although initially the intention was to replace the first one with the second. According to the idea of ​​ the ruling circles representatives, these formations, in cooperation with other special services, should protect the authorities from the people in the event of mass anti-government protests. Moreover, now, just as it happens in Russia, any expression of the people's  will  and moving forward of the requirements for improving the living conditions are considered illegal. The power associates itself with the state, although in reality it only parasitizes on its body.
Local elections held by the authorities in the context of the declared process of decentralization are nothing more than the legal formalization of their contractual relations with the local elites. Thieves and bandits agree on how they will rob together the Ukrainian people. In the country, under the guise of fighting for the ideals of the revolution of dignity, there goes on the process of restoring the Party of Regions' power, behind the birth of which there also stood directly the current president.
The authorities would like to strengthen their positions, but the lack of an efficient state administration’s apparatus  doesnt allow them to do so. The weakness of the authorities provokes them on an agreement even with the Russian aggressor, if it is about their survival.
According to the agreement within the framework of the Minsk process, the Ukrainian authorities were to cede the Russian protégés from the so called Luhansk People's Republic and Donetsk People's Republic the territory of the Lugansk and Donetsk regions within their administrative borders. Scilicet for this reason, the Ukrainian president initiated the demilitarization of Shirokino, while the unilateral withdrawal of weapons by the Ukrainian side simultaneously with the enemy forces’ stepping-up in this direction would allow the latter to seize Mariupol without special difficulties and open for Russia a land corridor to the Crimea. The Ukrainian authorities do not understand the reasons why Russian troops have not yet done so, because doing so they would help them to hide from the public the fact of their betrayal.
In order to somehow get out of this situation and to substantiate the transfer of territories controlled by the AFU to the invaders, there was decided to hold local elections, which would show that the population of these areas is still under the influence of forces, which are in opposition to the power.
People living in these territories became hostages to the collusion of the Ukrainian authorities with the aggressor country and the representatives of the former elite in the Donbass, who are its henchmen on the ground. What kind of demonstration of the population’s free will can be discussed if all power structures in these areas have not undergone significant changes and 90% of their staff consist of those, who faithfully served the regime of Yanukovich? Everyone who publicly declares his/her commitment to Ukrainian statehood, risks freedom, well-being and the very life.
The media are already trumpeting about the phenomenon of democratic elections successful holding in the eastern regions. In fact, the Party of Regions in the person of their new clones and the Opposition bloc retain their influence in these territories.
Thus, the Ukrainian government has revealed to the whole world its true face. It again divides the country into east and west, referring to some mental differences in the minds of people living in these parts of a single country.
The next power’s step will be recognition of Russia's "right" to extend its influence to the eastern regions of Ukraine, which will allow the aggressor country and its proteges in the Donbas to legitimize the enclave created by them in the occupied territories with the status of a special district. And Ukraine will be obliged to accept it for own maintenance.
The creeping counterrevolution, which is headed personally by Putin's "trojan horse", is gathering momentum in Ukraine. It is difficult to maintain and multiply one’s  business in Ukraine, which is at war, and only the real oligarch-internationalist is able to do the same in Russia that acted as an aggressor against his Homeland. It is no accident that it is said of such politicians essence: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."
But even "great men are not always wise." No matter how the current power tries to save itself, it does not succeed. With enviable persistence it engages in self-discrediting, and is really a success doing so. The Ukrainian power should remember that it does not order music on this celebration of life, but the western investors, who do not risk their money and can contribute to the introduction of the West’s direct governance in the country. Such a turn of events will be perceived by the people of Ukraine as the manifestation of a friendly assistance on their part, but if the latter does not take decisive steps to provide effective systematic economic and political assistance to our country in the near future, then the third Maydan is inevitable.
The Ukrainian government behaves like a would-be noble [an allusion to the hero of Molière's play Le Bourgeois gentilhomme], and the president's self-admiration is just off scale. One gets an impression that only the "Father of the Nation" works in this country, being both the initiator and the implementator of all initiatives in life. In every public speech we hear: my law, my proposal, my initiative, I insisted, I demanded, I suggested, I achieved it.
It seems that the authorities and the people live in parallel dimensions. The authorities are talking about reforms that we do not see, because they do not exist. The civil volunteers still supply the army with everything necessary, and the army authorities go on stealing the budget funds. The government officials relentlessly take loans outside the country and unanimously steal them, for there is no limit to their greed in the matters of personal enrichment. The authorities should have more often recollect the fate of their predecessor. History repeats itself.
Everything is very simple. People of power are exposed to the outside influence, which makes them careless and forces to make unforgivable mistakes. Further, the law of the "wolf pack" comes into force, and the power gets rid of the "weaks". It is just wasting away gradually. Its ranks are thinning, and between the members of the "pack" there are established the relations of hostility and mistrust. Any help from the outside is blocked, and the power outlives itself.
Scilicet this way the Yanukovich's regime was overthrown in front of his patron Putin, and he couldnt render any help, although had sufficient forces and means. The people only watched the process and bewared to take advantage of the situation, but as it is said, a holy place is never empty [English equivalent: The throne is never vacant].
The sloughed off "yoke of power" was picked up by crooks and again placed on the neck of the people. There passed a process of usurping power. It was carried out by Turchynov and Yatseniuk, but at the same time they were afraid of responsibility, giving the position of the leader to oligarch Poroshenko. The deal was "legalized" through the hasty presidential election, from which residents of a number of regions were excommunicated. This is the history of the current government’s appearance. It vowes its "legitimacy" and "effectiveness", but it has not actualized as such, since it lacks the tools for exercising power. That's why there are no reforms in the country. There are simply no specialists in the government administration, who could implement them. The circle has been closed.
The current power has embarked the path of its predecessor, and will inevitably share its fate. The expected by her help from the outside will not come. The West, just like Putin in his time, is doomed only to observe what is happening, as the motivation for its "help" to Ukraine in fact is no different from that of Putin’s one.
In the near future, sovereign Ukraine will restore its territorial integrity and will never again be anyone's mandated or controlled territory. In the future, it will become a key element in the formation of the civilizational unity of Europe.
In the meantime, the Ukrainians themselves have to engage in the formation of their state. Europe and the United States can help Ukraine, and this will weigh in their favor, but only on condition that they renounce the secret plans for its enslavement, plunder and seizure of resources. Such is the will of the Creator, and He always has the last word.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov


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