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About the Current Moment* (О текущем моменте)



The pause has dragged along. The people are silent, and the authorities, demonstrating their weakness and bewilderment, nervously babble the next excuses and promises, trying to defer the inevitable ending when they have to answer on all counts.
The present powers that be, being incompetent in all matters of governance and state-building, in their rhetoric do not focus on the fact that they did not fulfill their direct duties, but rather on certain circumstances and factors that supposedly prevent them from realizing the latter. As the saying goes, a bad workman quarrels with his tools.
The people are silent, and this is the silence of the beast, preparing for a murderous leap. All the efforts of the authorities aimed at distracting them and weakening the force of a possible blow fail. The leap is inevitable, and everyone understands this.
Everything that happens does not fit into the ideas that the previous historical experience gives, and this prohibits us to predict the path for further developments. Such a circumstance is clearly not in favor of the power, because it deprives the latter of the opportunity not only to control the situation or to manage it but even to recognize and correctly react to a possible threat.
From the outside, it is noticeable that the actions of people are not spontaneous and rebellious, as it was at the time of the confrontation between the 'orange' and 'white and blue' camps** in 2004. Rather, there can be traced associations with the events of the 'Arab Spring,' and the authorities cannot fail to notice this.
The presence of controlling huge masses of people from a single center is felt. True, the opposition has nothing to do with this process. It turns out that its 'conflict' with the authorities did not become the main content of future events, which indicates 'off-system' character of the latter. Games according to the long-established scenario 'power – opposition' are no longer relevant.
The governing minority no longer acts as the 'stage director' of the life of the controlled majority, and soon, it will have to 'dissolve' in it. This is the process of "bringing the herd to uniformity," when the will of the Shepherd becomes prevailing, and not the 'order of dominance' within the herd.
The question arises: why does the Shepherd not follow the way of 'negotiation' and 'admonition' of the sheep that make up the majority of the herd? The answer is obvious: the methods and means of controlling the 'herd' available in Shepherd's arsenal make it possible to carry out the process much faster and more efficiently and minimize possible losses.
The 'Hierarchy' established in the 'herd' during the absence of the Shepherd does not matter, because the division into 'more equal' and the rest is a consequence of the herd’s inability to self-government, especially if it is based on 'competition of survival.' With the return of the Shepherd, the Law came into force, the only one to be executed by all the 'sheep.'
The events of the 'Arab Spring' can be seen as the actions of the Shepherd, aimed at eliminating the threat of the Third World War and the total extermination of most of the world's population. So you should not look for attributes of a 'national liberation' movement and everything connected with it in these events.
The procedure for restoring order is designed to revive a healthy society within the framework of social medium, eliminating the “play moment of the competitive struggle for survival” in a world where everything is abundant.
The mutual understanding between people can be achieved by placing in the minds of everyone the same associative connections that ensure a correct and uniform interpretation of the foundations of Being and its laws. This is already happening now. True, it is difficult for a person to catch such changes, because the process is global in nature, affecting also him/herself.
Most associate the actions of the Shepherd with the actions of man, believing that His motivation and assessment is akin to a human one. This is not true. Considering that in solving the tasks assigned to the Shepherd, the role of people as assistants is completely absent, He does not need to communicate with them. In His understanding, they are assigned the passive role of the 'sick' that need salvation. So now the "showdown" in society in the form of 'fisticuffs' is not expected. All disagreements are resolved through the influence of the Shepherd on both warring parties. Therewithal, the arbitration court principle is implemented.
While the power languishes in anticipation of a 'conflict,' it is being changed also. Both military and police units become incapacitated, as it was the case with the interventionists in Libya. There is also no need for armed confrontation on the other part. Any attempts to initiate a conflict will be suppressed at the level of motivation. So, there will be no winners or losers. Everyone will have to pay the bills. Each will be measured by the measure of good and evil that s/he brought into this world.
The powers that be in Ukraine and Russia, as well as in the rest of the world, should think about the prospects of their existence in the near future. Now it makes no sense to discuss a new world order, while the consciousness of people is in the process of change.*** Upon reaching people’s state of readiness, they will receive a new vision and understanding of many realities in the world around them, and with them qualitatively different questions, as well as ways to solve urgent problems. The world is waiting for the awakening of humanity, but alas, not everyone will be destined to wake up in the new world.

Mar. 2nd, 2013

Translator Notes:
* We are talking about the situation in Ukraine not much less than a year before the then President V. Yanukovich and his closest associates from the Party of Regions members' fleeing the country at nighttime on February 22, 2014.
** 'Orange' and 'white and blue' – color identification of two political camps, respectively, the opposition and the authorities, which opposed each other during the first Maidan.
*** At present, the process of changing the consciousness of people, initiated by the Creator, has entered its completion phase.

Translated by professor Leonid Bilousov
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